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In today's overview we present a technical bearish case for the S&P 500, and, to be honest for the U.S. if not, the global economy.

 Complacency, key factor for the   next financial crisis 

In the following file we will talk about the current context that Prime Minister Theresa May and the Brexit go through

 Current situation of Brexit 

Last week Apple was involved in a bearish rally of its stock price and in the following study we analyzed some of the reasons behind it.

 Apple's situation in the market  

Where to start explaining what can we study to make sense out of this rally? To be honest bears have suffered a severe beat down courtesy of the bulls, but, by bulls do we really mean investors who think that everything bad is now behind and the optimism has a reason to be?

 What's next? A study of the market   rally since December lows. 

In Mexico, auto loans are an indicator in which we have to be careful, given the insolvency of payment of these. 

 Loans in Mexico