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Regardless of the type of study you carry out, or level of experience you have, it is important to have a second point of view, to get a different perspective on the assets that you analyze or that are of your interest. In this service, you can find an analysis based on Elliot Wave and other technical studies of 17 assets, which include S & P 500, Mexican Peso, West Texas Oil, Gold, Bitcoin, among others.



  • Graphics with the technical study of Elliot Wave and a brief explanation of what is expected in the behavior of the price in the short term.

  •  In the case of S & P 500, indicators such as Fear and Greed Index, VIX, VVIX and PUT / CALL ratio are added to the analysis.

  • Comments on relevant political, economic, social or financial events are included daily. 

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This offers our subscribers, information from different media (newspapers, magazines, internet portals and social networks) on important national and international issues related to finance, politics, economy, cryptocurrencies, economic indicators, social mood, among others.

The service will be free and some of its features include:

  • The news with the most social, economic, financial and political impact day by day.

  •  A brief comment about the current situation or about how news on the media had an impact.

  • Economic indicators.

  • Important data graphics.

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This service is free and aims to merge the analysis of Elliot Wave with fundamental aspects of politics, finance, economy and society at the international level.

It includes comments from our Chief Investments Officer, David Valle, about the events.

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Here you will be able to see into the most important and impressive events of the week, in political issues, war, social issues, natural disasters, etc.

This subscription will be free!

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